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Lesson Plans 



Reading – Students will be reading the story How Leopard Got His Spots as well as reading a variety of books in their small groups. Students will also learn about homophones (words that are spelled different, have different meanings but are read the same way).


Writing – Students will continue to write in their journals as well as choose writing activities at work on writing. Students will begin to learn how to do 4 square writing.


Fundations – Students will learn about blends, two or more consonants together, each making its own sound (ie. fl, st, sk, sl). They will be learning how to read and mark words with a blend. (flag, stop, slip, skip)


New Word Wall words – could, should, own, never, out, off, know, been - These are words that students will need to learn how to read and spell.


Math – Students will now be working on different strategies to solve subtraction facts. We are working towards “fact power” when students can quickly give the difference to a subtraction problem.



Homework Schedule –

Tuesday – Giraffe Books (sight vocab practice)

Wednesday – Math homework

Thursday – Reading homework